Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Last two from Saturday

Here are the last two photos from Preston Grasshoppers taken on Saturday. They were taken within a few seconds of each other as I understand that there were two serious injuries on another pitch. Preston's ground is not very far from the Royal Preston Hospital so these injuries must have been serious to call out the air ambulance.

There have been many calls for the Grand National to be banned following the deaths of two horses. This was happening at the same time that I was taking these photos. I don't know what happened to the rugby players but there must be many serious injuries occuring in many sports and nobody is protesting. I can hear the answer "but people choose to play - the horses don't choose to run in the Grand National". Well they are only horses. I heard Ginger McCain say that these horses died doing what they were trained to do. Even if horse racing was a lot safer there would still be some deaths. I wonder why we don't hear calls to ban sports when humans die.

Happy snapping

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