Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Adding two photos together

I like to get brides and grooms to look into a mirror (or a picture it doesn't matter as you don't see the original). I superimpose a picture of the wedding day which makes it look like they are thinking about the way that the day will unfold. This example was taken just after the couple arrived at the reception and they are looking at a photo of their first dance. Very often I take the photos while the bride and groom are getting ready. So a mirror is often available.

The digital age is not just transforming the way we take pictures. It can also transform old family photos. Scan the picture into the computer and you have a digital version. Take out the creases, bring the colours back to life and improve the faded contrast. In fact anything that you can do with a digital photo can be done to an old picture.

If you don't have a scanner just take a picture of the picture. Be careful of the reflection from the flash, expecially if you have a gloss finish to the photo. The best answer for avoiding reflections is take the picture with natural light, but if you have no option then take the photo at an angle. This will obviously distort the picture but you can always correct the distortion digitally.

Happy snapping

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