Thursday, 29 January 2009

The clone tool

The clone tool is really useful when you are working on your digital photos. There are always alternative ways to do anything on the computer but when you first use the clone tool it looks amazing, and when you have used it for some time it still looks amazing. This is a lovely photo of the bride and groom but it looks even better by taking out the rail, and it is a simple technique when you know how to use the clone tool.

The clone tool does exactly what its name suggests. It copies one part of an image and transfers it to another part. The opportunities are endless. You can take out a lamppost if it is distracting. It is very easy to clone objects out of a sky unless there is a distinctive cloud shape, but these too are dealt with fairly easily. It is also very hard to see when an object has been taken out of a picture if there is a natural background like a hedge.

In a similar way, skin blemishes can also be taken out of a photo. That wonderful photo which wasn't quite perfect, now easily becomes perfect.

Happy snapping

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