Thursday, 30 August 2012

No Tripod

I have recently mentioned the importance of lighting and in particular the golden hour to be found at dawn and dusk. Artificial light is there for a good reason. It highlights what the planners want highlighting so the photo of the Palace of Westminster is ready for taking. I did not carry a tripod with me but this photo was taken by placing the camera on a flat surface and using the timer so there is no possible camera shake from me.

There is a viewing point on the bank of the Thames with a telescope (and a flat surface) so whenever you see any telescopes like this then look for your camera. You are being told to take a photo from this point and no tripod is needed. The other thing to note here is that you do have lights on the building. It isn't completely dark and that means you can still see the clouds and so add interest.

On the right, it is difficult to take a photo of Nelson because the bigger the subject, the further you have to be away. It obviously helps if you can get the whole subject in the frame but it also helps to avoid distortion due to converging verticals. For more  information on this you can take a look at

Happy snapping

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