Thursday, 5 May 2011

It is still St Helen's

We are still at St Helen's Church in Overton but have moved indoors. I wanted to show you one of the stained glass windows for a few reasons. It shows you the beautiful work that has gone in to creating the window. You have to be inside the church to appreciate these windows but they really are works of art.

It is fairly easy to take these photos. You do need a tripod because you have to use natural light. It is better to avoid shutter blur by using a remote trigger or, as I did, set the timer to two seconds. Less obviously I have amended the distortion caused as I took this photo below the centre of the window. This perspective makes the bottom of the window broader than the top, but this isn't the way our brain appreciates the view. So until you read this second paragraph I bet you didn't notice.

Happy snapping

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